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A shit load of people we call neighbors have lost their homes, cars, and jobs...

...but I'm feeling like the only person who even noticed.


I want to put together a book called Things I Said To Make Myself Laugh.

This would probably be in it: i look like serious hell though not joking hell? hahahahha because i'm not sure i could handle you looking like carlos mencia hahahahahahahhahahaha

Final proof that we've lost our fucking minds

Diet pill flying off shelves
- Flint Journal. June 21, 2007

GENESEE COUNTY - Are you ready to lose weight?

Plenty of people are trying alli, a nonprescription fat-blocker that's selling out at Flint-area drugstores since it hit the market a week ago.

It's no magic pill, a dietitian said, but dieters are snatching up alli despite studies showing modest weight loss and warnings that excessive fat - say eating a bag of potato chips - can come out of the body in embarrassing ways.

Alli can cause loose stools, frequent bathroom visits and gas with oily discharge. Wearing dark clothes and carrying an extra pair of pants is a good idea, the drugmaker suggests.

But Rich Meyer, 34, of Burton has nothing but praise for alli, which he has taken for six days. So far, he's lost about 6 pounds, he said.

"I'm really excited about it," Meyer said. "I think it works two ways: blocking the fat, and you end up not wanting to eat fatty foods because you know what will happen."

So what about those so-called "treatment effects?" They weren't as bad as he thought they'd be, but he got a sense of them after eating french fries.

"The next morning it hit me," said Meyer, a cashier at Target in Fenton. "I was working on my line and just turned out my light and said I have to take a bathroom break. I wasn't asking. I was going."

The only downside, he said, is the price. He paid $69.99 for 100 capsules; a 60-capsule package is available for $49.99.

"I was already eating low-fat, so that wasn't a big change," said Meyer, who weighed 300 last winter and dropped 50 pounds in about six months. "But I plateaued at 250 pounds and could not break it."

Running helped get him down to 240 pounds, but his body stalled again. That's when he started taking alli before lunch and dinner. The recommended dosage is three capsules a day.

Area stores say sales are brisk - the Walgreens on S. Saginaw Street and Hill Road in Grand Blanc Township sold out the day alli went on sale, June 14.

"We got another shipment, but other stores are calling to ask if we can spare some for them," said a Walgreens sales associate.

Pop a blue alli pill before a meal, preferably a low-fat one with no more than 15 grams of fat, and it blocks 25 percent of the fat. The Web site (dieters must register) offers meal plans, including plans customized for soul food recipes and Hispanic fare.

Because the undigested fat is not absorbed, it passes out of the body instead of turning into calories.

If a dieter would lose 10 pounds on a diet, he or she could drop 15 pounds with alli, whose active ingredient, orlistat, is available in 120 mg in the prescription drug Xenical, its maker says.

But studies have shown that like those who lost weight on other diets, alli dieters struggled to keep it off. After a year, those taking 60 mg alli gained 9.4 pounds and a placebo group gained 11.3 pounds.

"People want a quick fix," said Kathy Peshke, a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator at Genesys Health System. "This is no magic pill. It will help if you change your diet and get exercise. That's the method that works."

So let me get this straight. People seeking weight loss would rather shit themselves in public than diet and exercise? Jogging is really that much of an inconvenience to you?

If any of you start using this product, we're no longer friends. And I mean that. I don't want to deal with your loose stools and oily discharges.

This is not a gas price chain letter

Signing a petition, not buying gas for a day, or only buying from certain companies will NOT lowe gas prices. I'll try not to go on any tangents here...

If you don't like the way gas prices are, change the way you live to consume less gas. It's sorta like the only true weight loss. If you "go on a diet", you're basically saying you'll change the way you eat for a little while, then go back to being unhealthy. The only proven weight loss method is a lifestyle change of eating less and exercising. Gas consumption is along the same line. If you just delay when you fill up your tank by a day, a company is still getting your money. But if people, over a prolonged period of time, demonstrate less of a need for gas, prices will drop. It's supply and demand. It's capitalism, like it or not.

Are prices being gouged? Of course they are. But these gas companies have one main goal: to make money. As long as people show they're still willing to pay the price being asked, companies will continue to raise the price, as if continually testing the water the further in you go.

Bottom line, we're still a capitalist country. That means the market is consumer driven. Don't like it? Buy a bike.

I'm home

I'm home now. Vacation was good. Sounded like you guys had a ton of fun back here though. One night I'm hearing about tornadoes, the next you have a frost advisory, and then Linden burns down. Just can't make it without me, can you?

Also, this conversation means I might be going to hell:

11:05:35 AM theocracyisabuse: i'm sad though
11:05:47 AM theocracyisabuse: they still haven't developed
11:05:51 AM emstar0317: ?
11:06:12 AM theocracyisabuse: it would be like facebook, except your "networks" would be your race, gender, religion, and sexual preference
11:06:24 AM theocracyisabuse: and you would have the ability to wage war on each other
11:06:28 AM theocracyisabuse: john and i came up with it awhile ago
11:06:29 AM emstar0317: hahahahaha
11:06:31 AM emstar0317: nice
11:07:34 AM theocracyisabuse: i mean, i look at the amount of time i waste with facebook and myspace, and it wouldn't even compare to the amount of time i'd be on racebook
11:07:50 AM emstar0317: haha, you wouldn't leave your computer
11:07:54 AM theocracyisabuse: ever
11:08:05 AM emstar0317: you'd have a cathider hooked up and food going into you
11:08:51 AM theocracyisabuse: and when i conquered the lesbian puerto ricans, i would make one of them give me sponge baths
11:09:03 AM emstar0317: hahahahahaha
11:09:13 AM theocracyisabuse: damn i wish there were more contexts i could use that last sentence for

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4:08:47 AM
hahaha what if you actually looked out your window and there i was... and i was like, sitting on the ground typing on a computer to you
:08:59 AM
i bet you're gonna look now just in case
4:09:50 AM
two thoughts would cross my mind: 1) ok, i guess that's maybe a little weird, but she seems nice. i'll let her in. and 2) damn, i really need to put a password on our wireless network
4:10:12 AM
4:10:35 AM
and yes, i rolled my chair over to look

Life is spinning, but I don't feel sick (look ma! a real update in there somewhere!)

I know what it feels like to be upside down from here
Here is my arm, and it waves like a flag
That reminds me that I have two arms and a map

From Antarctica to the polar caps
Try to fit a big orb on a little flat map
I'm not going to drive this time
I love Greenland when it's Africa's size
So north is not up
And east is not right
(except for Milwaukee, Wisconsin that night)
So go get a map and learn where you live at
I know what it feels like to be upside down from here

And if we met halfway in the middle of the planet
We'd just sit there and spin
Would that happen? Can it?!

Here is my arm, and it waves like a flag
That reminds me that I have two arms and a map

I know what it feels like to be upside down from here

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I was told I don't write in this thing enough, so uh, here goes...

Lately I've had some unhealthy spending habits. I'm trying to fix that now. Oops?

So uh, I bowl now. Usually twice a week. Where we go open bowling is 99¢ a game.

I've purchased quite a few CDs lately (see above). Good music is awesome.

Speaking of music, I've been keeping somewhat quiet, but a lot is in the works. You're probably not enthused. I probably don't care.

Words that go above my name,

One of the best songs I've ever heard

"Oh, There's Legwork" :: None More Black

I don't belong singing these anthems
This fever is cunning
Deadly, it's running straight for the exit
Detoured through my veins
Telling me to "Get the fuck out"
I don't recall how it all started
I tripped on a bass line, now my guitar screams
Loud about living
Loud about love
Loud about loathing myself

When all is said and done
When all we've said, we've done

I've howled at the moon
Been sick by the sunrise
I've taken abuse from those who have no right
Conducting the violins playing my song
The things that I choose require opinion
Demand satisfaction and commercial reaction
I'll just keep on moving
Losing every thread tied to the place I call "home"

When all is said and done
When all we've said, we've done

We are the brand new beatniks!
We are the down and outers!
We are the bleeding hearts, bleeding syncopated, broken rhythms!
Our speed is often break neck, just need to slow it down some
Tired of being sleepless
Tired of being broken

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I highly dislike snow/winter.

That being said, when it snows like it is right now, it's one of the most beautiful things in the world.